Employing Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Improve ROI

For every restaurateur, the challenge is to maintain the quality of their food and service while keeping a watchful eye on expenses. This helps them to preserve (or improve) the margins that allow them to stay in business. Some expenses (maybe most?) are locked-in for significant periods of time. The rent that you pay is likely tied to a long-term lease arrangement. Your labour costs are not likely to vary significantly as your staffing requirements are set (unless you’re in high-growth mode) and, in Australia, the rates you pay are largely dictated by legislated awards.

So where do you turn to find ways to improve your margins? One opportunity to explore is how to get a better return on your marketing and advertising expenditures. In theory, marketing is the demand-generation engine for the business and most would agree that getting more people in the door is one key aspect of improving the financial health of the business.


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