Maximise Instagram as a Restaurant Marketing Tool with These Tips

It’s normal for almost any restaurateur to have a hard time allotting enough money for a marketing budget. Restaurants typically run on tight margins with a lot of them averaging a meagre 2% to 4% per check, making it a challenge to find room in their budget for marketing purposes. The current social media boom, however, is out to make things easy, with social media sites offering a low-cost opportunity for restaurant owners to promote their pubs.

Of all social media sites out there, perhaps none is as perfect a restaurant marketing tool as Instagram, an 80-million strong photo sharing site where over 5 million photographs are uploaded and shared daily. It’s not just conventional users who make great use of Instagram—even restaurants themselves have taken to the site, with one notable American restaurant even stating that they’re explicitly preparing their dishes just to look good on Instagram.


Legal Marketing Strategies: Making a Difference in a Tough Market

As a lawyer, you’re always prepared to take on a case and represent your clients to the best of your ability. However, there could be times when there aren’t enough clients picking up the phone to ask for your services. It can be a challenge to convince people to sign you up as their attorney, but effective legal marketing solutions can help fix that. In his article for the Legal Marketing Reader, John Cunningham said some promotions on your part can make a difference.

Competing for clients against other lawyers may be rough these days, in light of current conditions in Australia. A law school professor interviewed for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald stated that the country’s law schools produce up to 12,000 graduates a year, but there are five times that many working lawyers at present.

Online Dental Marketing Strategies Help Practices Reach New Patients

Marketing, in general, has changed significantly over the years. For dental practices, it used to be enough to put up an advertisement in the Yellow Pages and expect results. Nowadays, however, most patients have jumped online. In order to keep up with this trend, dental marketing efforts have to change and focus on establishing an online presence.

The core of an online marketing strategy is to have a website for the dental practice. The website should present the practice as professional, personable, and capable of getting the job done. In the end, it should convince the visitors and turn them into patients. The website doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should show the services that the practice offers, as well as its complete contact information. Added features, such as one that allows patients to schedule an appointment online, could also encourage visitors to choose the practice.

A Few of the Top Dental Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Sound dental marketing is one of the best ways to draw new patients into your practice—that is, if it’s done right. The problem is that not everyone is that well-versed in the undertaking, with several dentists investing more money into marketing strategies that fail to deliver significant ROI. If you have been spending much on marketing your private practice with little to show for in terms of results, you might be committing several mistakes—knowingly or unknowingly.

Neglecting to Tailor-Fit Your Website – The world is vastly different nowadays. Gone are the times when people would look for a dental clinic on newspapers or tune in to TVs and radios; now they use smartphones and tablets to search for clinics like yours. If you already have a website and it doesn’t seem to be working, your keywords may not be localised and geo-targeted, which points to a need for an urgent dental website design overhaul.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Work Like Charms on a Small Budget

You’ve worked day and night for years, and now your dream is now upon you: a humble restaurant to call your own. Naturally, the next thing you’ll want to do is to market your new establishment so people will know about it.

The question is: how? Isn’t your small budget a significant constraint? Actually, no. Just because your resources are pretty limited doesn’t mean that sound and effective restaurant marketing is well out of your grasp—in fact, some of the most effective ways you can get your gastro pub heard require nothing but a small investment. All you need is a pinch of creativity, determination and enough know-how to set things in motion.

Legal Marketing Services Help Lawyers Attract More Clients Online

This year appears to be a particularly lucrative period for legal professionals in the Australian continent. A recent analysis showed that more employers are looking into increasing their legal staff for the second quarter of 2015, which means higher demand for law-related job positions and functions.

Hudson, a recruitment company and conductor of the analysis, has found that among 3,280 Australian employers, a third (30.9%) of them have plan to hire more employees from the legal profession. This was reportedly caused by a gradual shift from the resource sector to the service sector, which included financial, information and communications technology and legal industries.

Legal Marketing Tip: Three Mindset Mistakes Law Firms Need to Avoid

Marketing online has become relatively easier than before because of the multiple platforms you can use to promote yourself or your business online, such as social media. Various industries are taking to the Internet for their marketing efforts, and law firms are no exception. Law firms, however, should avoid the following mistakes in legal marketing mindset which prevent them from maximising online marketing.

We don’t need an online presence to be profitable.

This kind of mindset prevents lawyers from taking advantage of the Internet to reach out to their target market. In this day and age, it’s virtually a requirement for businesses, including law firms, to have a website because people often go to the Internet to search for what they need. A law firm that fails to capitalise on a website is missing out on thousands of potential clients found in the World Wide Web.